Hello guys, the article will be interesting because in this tutorial we will introduce you a remote management tool with the help of which you can easily control someone else's android smartphone. We think it does not need any additional tools which is why you can control this by using third-party applications.

You can use Airdroid at any distance and there is NO need to connect to the same network to spy. The only condition is that you and the target person need to be online.

The best part is that you can use Airdroid on PC or Android phones, NO rooted phone needed 

You Need the Following :

  •  Victim’s Phone for 5 Mins
  •  Internet Connection
  •  One Android App
  •  Basic Knowledge about android System

Installation Full Videos



Let's Started - Hack Android Phone Screen Mirror

Target Phone

Step 1 :-  Download and install Live Screen Mirroring app on your target phone. AppPro link here.

This is a very important time when you need to be fast and accurate so that your target does not catch you.

Once you have installed the Live Screen Mirroring app on your target phone, go to Mobile Settings and go to System Manager and there you will see Live Screen Mirroring, tag Live Screen Mirroring and it will be done !!. !! Now your objective cannot uninstall the Live Screen Mirroring app even if it detects it without removing the cookie option from the system administrator. 😉

Step 2 :-  Now On Mobile WiFi / Data

Step 3 :-  Now On & Enable Screen Mirroring Button. Look at the screenshot below to understand

Step 4 :-  Copy & Share Direct Link Ip Address. Look at the screenshot below to understand

Step 5 :-  Go to Live Screen Mirroring App Info.  & Go to Live Screen Mirroring App Settings. If you have this option in the settings, turn it on or not

1. Disable Allow Notifications Parmission 

2. Enable Parmission [1. Allow auto launch] [2. Allow Background activity]

 Bouns Tips 

Step 5 :-  Using App Lack and App Hide (hide & lock this app)

If you hide apps then your friend or girlfriend will not understand your cheek you Friend and Girlfriend live Activity Check .

Your Phone

Step 5 :-  Open any Browser app your phone and type Victim phone ip + port 8080

Direct Link : http://<ip>:8080

Example :