Airdroid is used for transferring files to remote locations and sharing of resources can be done easily with Airdroid, and you can even remotely access other devices. So it is a complete tool that you can use to test other devices. We will now see how to hack an Android phone using another Android phone remotely.

You can use Airdroid at any distance and there is NO need to connect to the same network to spy. The only condition is that you and the target person need to be online.

You Need the Following :

  •  Victim’s Phone for 5 Mins
  •  Internet Connection
  •  One Android App
  •  Basic Knowledge about android System

Airdroid has many special features compared to other test apps or software. It helps us not only to check inbox messages and call records but also to customize them according to your need. You can also access, modify, upload, and download data from:

  • Gallery
  • Videos
  • File manager(the ultimate goal)
  • Call records
  • Message records
  • Camera,etc
  • Location
  • App List
  • More.............

The best part is that you can use Airdroid on PC or Android phones, NO rooted phone needed 


Installation Full Videos



Let's get started - Hack Android Phone

Step 1 :-  Download and install Airdroid on your target phone. AppPro link here.

This is a very important time when you need to be fast and accurate so that your target does not catch you.

Once you have installed the Airdroid app on your target phone, go to Mobile Settings and go to System Manager and there you will see Airdroid, tag Airdroid and it will be done !!. !! Now your objective cannot uninstall the airdroid app even if it detects it without removing the cookie option from the system administrator. 😉

Step 2 :-  Once you have installed the app, it will now ask for login details. You must Sign up for an account.

Provide an email id and password so you can access the targeted phone anywhere.

Tip :)

Enable All permission 

Go to Settings > App Manager > Click Airdroid App > Notification  and turn off notifications.

Step 3 :-  Now you are ready to test your phone 

Visit (click here) in your browser and sign in with the same details you signed up for and DONE .. !!

Now you can easily check targeted calls, gallery photos and videos and any files and folders in the file manager .. !!

Below you can see screenshots of a stolen phone of one of the Suman friends using the Asus X01BDA ( Asus Zenfore Max Pro M2 ).

Here is a screenshot of File Manager which I can access at my fingertips.

You can see the Location below.

You can also turn on the target's phone camera without targeting information as he may not be aware of the fact that his camera is on and record photos and videos.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article! Post your comments below. Enjoy the Robbery!