A man-in-the-middle attack (MITM) is an attack where the attacker secretly relays and possibly alters the communication between two parties who believe they are directly communicating with each other. There are many open source tools available online for this attack like Ettercap, MITMF, Xerosploit, e.t.c Networking is an important platform for an Ethical Hacker to check on, many of the threat can come from the internal network like network sniffing, Arp Spoofing, MITM e.t.c, This article is on Xerosploit which provides advanced MITM attack on your local network to sniff packets, steal password etc.

Features -

  • Port scanning
  • Network mapping
  • Dos attack
  • Html code injection
  • Javascript code injection
  • Download interception and replacement
  • Sniffing
  • DNS spoofing
  • Background audio reproduction
  • Images replacement
  • Drifnet
  • Webpage defacement and more 
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💥 Xerosploit Installation 💥

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💥 Xerosploit MITM Using 💥
In the next comment, it will ask for the module you want to load for the man in the middle attack. Go with this comment and type help.
1.  pscan (Port Scanner)
Let’s begin with pscan which is a port scanner, it will show you all the open ports on the network computer and retrieve the version of the programs running on the detected ports. Type run to execute pscan and it will show you all the open ports of the victim’s network.
2.  DOS (Denial of service)
Type “dos” to load the module, it will send a succession of TCP-SYN request packet to a target’s system to make the machine unresponsive to legitimate traffic which means it is performing SYN Flood attack.
press ctrl + c to stop If you are aware of HPING tool then you can notice, this module is initially using HPING command for sending countless SYN request packet.
3.  Inject HTML (HTML Injection)
HTML injection is the vulnerability inside any website that occurs when the user input is not correctly sanitized or the output is not encoded and the attacker is able to inject valid HTML code into a vulnerable web page. There are so many techniques which could use element and attributes to submit HTML content.
  So here we will replace the victim’s html page with ours. Select any page of your choice as you will notice that I have written “You have been hacked” in my index.html page which I will replace with the victim’s html page. Whatever page the victim will try to open he/she will see only the replaced one. First, create a page as I have created & saved it on Desktop by the name of INDEX.html
Now run injecthtml command to load the injecthtml module. And then type run command to execute the injecthtml and enter the path where you have saved the file. Bravo! We have successfully replaced the page as you can see in the picture below. Hit ctrl+c to stop the attack.
4.  Sniff
Now run the following module to sniff all the traffic of the victim with the command:
Now it will ask you if you want to use SSLTRIP to strip the HTTPS URL’s to HTTP so that we can catch the login credentials in clear text. So enter y.
When the victim enters the username and password it will spray and take all the data.
It will now open a separate terminal where we can see all the details in clear text. As you can see it has successfully taken the login details. Hit ctrl+c to stop the attack.
5.  dspoof
It load dspoof module which will supply false DNS information to all target browsed hosts Redirect all the http traffic to the specified one IP. Now type run command to execute module and then it will ask the IP address where you want to redirect the traffic, here we have given our Kali Linux IP.
6.  Yplay (YouTube Play)
Now let's capture another exciting yplay module. It will play the background video audio in your favorite victim's browser. So first execute the yplay command followed by the run command and give the video of your choice. Open your browser and select your favorite YouTube video you want to play back in the victim's browser. If the video has an ad skip that and select an id from the URL. Go back to xerosploit.
To execute the yplay module for attack type run.
Insert youtube video ID which you have copy above from url in next step.
Now it doesn’t matter what the victim is doing on the laptop. If he tries to open any web page, then he / she will hear a song we want him to listen to. Hit ctrl+c to stop the attack.
7.  Replace
I hope all the attacks were really interesting. But what’s next will be amazing. We will now replace all images of the victim's website with our images. First of all, execute a command command followed by a running command. Don't forget to provide a file path for.
As the victim opens any URL he/she will be amazed to see the replaced images of his/her website as shown here. Hit ctrl+c to stop the attack.
7.  move
move your website