What Is a Hydra Tool?

Thc-hydra, In short, we can call it hydra, This tool is used to check the penetration and cracking of open ports and web entry pages such as FTP login pages, HTTP login pages, and many other pages. This tool is designed to make the cracking process more efficient with better results. So this tool is only available on certain limited devices like Linux, Debian based but today we will discuss how to install hydra tool on any device without errors or issues, Like termux and other emulator operating systems.


Behavioral hackers use Hydra to identify technical errors in web applications and mobile applications. Linux operating systems are supported by this application. In the hydra module, you can guess passwords for specific usernames, generating passwords with different sets of characters. In addition to this, it also allows you to attack multiple hosts, debug errors, and save data to disk. Recently, the Termux community has developed a hydra module so that we can practice ethical fraud on our Android device.

In this tutorial, we will learn how to install hydra on Termux on Android without root.

Weak passwords are still a major security issue, these days guessing passwords and cracking algorithms has become easier and more brutally forcing a larger type of attack on the boom. The general rule for creating a strong password is using a long combination (over 8 characters) with capital letters, symbols, and numbers.

Cracking passwords A good tool to use power is hydra. It is a compatible login or password cracker. It was quick and flexible when adding modules is easy. Hydra usually comes pre-installed in the Kali Linux system but if it is not installed or using any distribution you can follow the steps in this article.

💥 Requirement :-

  1. Android version 5.0 and above
  2. 500 MB of SD-card storage
  3. Rooted devices 
  4. 50 MB internet data
  5. 2 GB of ram for better performance

Installation The hydra Tool 

👇 Termux / Linux 👇

Step 1 :- This command will automatically import hydra from the repositories, this will include the hydra command line type with the front end GUI on your Linux system. The biggest problem with using this command is that you can't get the latest version, so if you happen to use this command or hydra pre-installed on your system you can remove it using:

apt update && apt upgrade

Step 2 :- After updating The termux Install some basic package on your termux

apt install -y python php curl wget git nano

Step 3 :- Now connect the hydra tool to your terminal and type the command below to your terminal termux.

git clone https://github.com/vanhauser-thc/thc-hydra

Step 4 :- the hydra package then change Open your directory Hyder 

cd thc-hydra

Step 5 :- After completing the above, all the steps help you to install the hydra tool in your termux so now use the installation of the hydra tool

make install

Step 6 :- Once you have completed the hydra installation process then use the hydra script to type the command below in your Linux / termux

./hydra -h

Now the hydra installation process is complete. If you think the installation process is too long try this one command to install the hydra tool in your termux system

How to Use The hydra tool ?

./hydra -l admin -p password ftp://localhost/ 
./hydra -L default_logins.txt -p test ftp://localhost/ 
hydra -l admin -P common_passwords.txt ftp://localhost/ 
hydra -L logins.txt -P passwords.txt ftp://localhost/

hydra -l admin -p password ftp://localhost/
hydra -L default_logins.txt -p test ftp://localhost/
hydra -l admin -P common_passwords.txt ftp://localhost/
hydra -L logins.txt -P passwords.txt ftp://localhost/

The conclusion

HYDRA is often referred to as one of the best hacking tools. It is also an easy-to-use tool that anyone can use without headaches. The good thing about it is that you can feed the list of common passwords in the process and after that the module will do everything else by itself. However, there are a large number of attack tools with weak power available in the area you would like to try. There is no tool that provides such user information. I highly recommend Hydra to anyone who is interested in learning good hacking because it is a good start.