LOIC was originally developed by Praetox Technologies as a stress test program before being available in the public domain. The tool is able to perform simple dos attacks by sending large sequences of UDP, TCP or HTTP requests to the specified server. It is a very easy tool to use, even for those who do not have the basic knowledge of hacking. The only thing the user needs to know about using the tool is the target URL. The person who wanted to be a giant only needs to select some simple options (address of the target system and attack method) and click the button to start the attack.

The tool takes the URL of the target server where you want to attack. You can also enter the IP address of the target application. The target IP address is used instead of the local network where the DNS can be used. The tool has three main modes of attack: TCP, UDP and HTTP. You can select an attack method on the specified server. Other options include expiration time, TCP / UDP message, Port and threads. See the basic screen of the tool in the image above in Figure 1.

✅ Type of Attacks ✅

As I mentioned earlier, LOIC uses three different types of attacks (TCP, UDP and HTTP). All of these methods use the same attack method. The tool opens multiple connections to the specified server and sends a continuous sequence of unspecified messages from the TCP / UDP message parameter options available to the tool. In TCP and UDP attacks, the thread is sent as clear text but in HTTP attacks, it is embedded in the content of the HTTP GET message.

This tool continues to send requests to the specified server; after some time, the specified server is overloaded. This way, the specified server will no longer be able to respond to requests from legitimate users, to close it successfully.

✅ Analysis of the Attack ✅

UDP Attack: To perform a UDP attack, select an attack method such as UDP. It has port 80 as the default option selected, but you can change this depending on your need. Change the message thread or leave it as default.

TCP Attack: This method is similar to UDP attacks. Select the type of attack as TCP to use this.

HTTP Attack: In this attack, the tool sends HTTP requests to the specified server. A web application firewall can detect this type of attack easily.

How to use LOIC to perform DOS attacks: Just follow these simple steps to perform DOS attacks on the website (but do so at your own risk).

  • Step 1: Launch the tool.
  • Step 2: Enter the website URL in the URL field and click on Lock O. Then select the attack method (TCP, UDP or HTTP). I would recommend TCP to get started. These 2 options are required to start the attack.
  • Step 3: Change some parameters of your choice or leave it by default. Now click on the Main Button labeled “IMMA CHARGIN MAH LAZER.” You have just filed a target attack.

💥 Download Tool 

✴️ Download LOIC.Zip File ( Linux )

✴️ Download LOIC.exe File ( Windows )

✴️ Download LOIC.apk File ( Android )

💥 Live Video 💥

💥 Installation Linux 💥

Step 1 :-  Download LOIC Zip and Open Terminal and Open File Location. And Extract Zip File

Now type cd cd Downloads and find the crock.zip file and move it to termux, you need to type the command unzip LOIC-OnlineHacking.zip and hit enter. It will move to Termux, you can type ls cmd to view.

cd Downloads

unzip LOIC-OnlineHacking.zip

Step 2 :-  Open LOIC File User Terminal. After that we need to enter the LOIC folder using the cd command as follows:

cd LOIC-OnlineHacking

Step 3 :-  Download REQUIREMENTS Packageack Run all Command

sudo apt install aptitude

sudo aptitude install git-core monodevelop
sudo apt install mono-devel
sudo apt install git-core monodevelop
sudo apt-get install mono-gmcs
sudo apt-get install update

Step 4 :-  Permissions This file

chmod a+x loic.sh

Step 5 :-  LOIC (dos) File Install Now

./loic.sh install

Step 6 :-  LOIC File Update Now

./loic.sh update

Step 7 :-  And Run loic.sh Package

./loic.sh run

Step 8 :-  Successfully Installed Ckeck Live Demo Video

How to prevent the attack of LOIC: LOIC is available for free to download and use, and can be used effectively with very little hacking experience. Anyone that wants to can attack a website with this

💥 Windows 💥

Step 1 :-  Download LOIC Zip and And Extract Zip File. Run loic.exe file your windows 

💥 Android 💥

Step 1 :-  Download LOIC Zip and And Extract Zip File. Run loic.apk file your Mobile