Termux is an advanced Android phone tool that converts your phone into a hacker but there are some Cool Termux instructions that do not help you to hack anything but are fun to use, so I took a break from serious things and made a list of The Top 10 Temux Secret Instructions which no one is talking about

I have installed all of the Operating commands  in 2021 and have installed the Top 10 best Commands for Termux. .

Top Awesome and Cool Termux Commands in 2021 :

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1. Termux Running Rail Train:

Step 1 :-  This command will install the sl package in termux, The package size is too small and will be installed immediately.

pkg install sl

Step 2 :-  Now the sl package is installed on your termux and you should type sl anytime you want. And the train will run on your screen and behind it you will see your end.


2. Turn your Termux into a Fire Place🔥 :

 Looking for Thematic split screen to make your look more attractive? You can use this Termux Trick and it will add Fire to your Termux🔥. You can use this in Photoshoot Too.

Step 1 :- To convert your termux to a fireplace you need to install a libcaca package in your termux app. Just use the command below to install it in your termux.

pkg install libcaca

Step 2 :-  You must now type libcaca in your termux and your termux will display Fire Screen cache in your termux app.


3. Termux Matrix Effect :

Everyone knows that hackers are using green text in a dark circle, and If you look at any hacker movement you will see a rain of Matrix on the screen. I have written the whole article on Cmatrix you can see here [Use the Matmatrix Package As Pro].

So we are going to put the Matrix Falling Effect into termux, It really changes the vibe of the room, You can scare even the people who use it and if you are a person who loves photography you can even use the Matmatrix in your photography.

Step 1 :- Just open the termux and type the command below and the Cmatrix package will be installed at some point.

pkg install cmatrix

Step 2 :-  Now, just type in the cmatrix and you will see the result of the matrix in your termux terminal. This result will work in default mode but if you want to know more about Matmatrix then read on.


4 . Generate Banner Of Your Name in Termux :

When you watch Youtube videos for termux you would not notice that all YouTubers have Your name written on top of the termux app. You can rewrite your name with that type of style and permanently search for your name above your term and read this post on How to Enter a Name in Termux Header

Step 1 :- First of all, we have to install the Toilet in Termux. Yes, Toilet is a termux package that allows you to display full text color in your Termux. Just type the command below in termux to install it.

pkg install toilet

Step 2 :-  Type the command Below to find the full bold text in your temux, If you want to make it permanent comment on me and I will write you a post Please enter your name in the command below.

toilet -f mono12 -F gay "YourName" 

5. Browse the Internet Using Termux :

Yes, you can browse the internet with termux as you browse using chrome, the cool thing here is that the browser will be based on Command-Line. This browser will be the smallest browser you have ever used. and you can do all the basic navigation in it If you want to know more.

Step 1 :- To install the browser in termux we will use the command below. This command will install the w3m packet on your termux. The package size will be 859 Kb. W3m will be installed in less than 5 seconds.

pkg install w3m

Step 2 :-  Now, Everything is set and you must type w3m followed by the URL of the site You Want to Visit using the termux browser. You can see the example below.

w3m www.onlinehacking.xyz

6. See World Map in Termux :

Step :-  I'm sure you can use Google Maps But do you know how to use maps in termux? To use maps in termux we do not need to install anything, You must type the command below and you will see the maps in your Termux.

You can zoom using A on your keyboard and Zoom-Out using Z on your keyboard, You can also switch to satellite mode and if you want to know how to use this Termux map properly where you should read

telnet mapscii.me

7. Termux Weather Forcast :

Step :-  You can check the weather of your City using Termux, and the cool thing is that it will give you a colorful weather picture. You do not need to install anything to see the weather in your termux. Just type the command below and you will change the green section with your city name and press Enter.

Now if you can't see because things are small just rotate your phone and it will look fine.

curl wttr.in/mumbai

8. Termux Install Auto-Correct in Termux :

If you are a new termux user or just a quick type and make spelling mistakes then this is especially for you. using this command we will install Auto-Correct In termux and it will give you an indication of whether you are typing the correct command or not.

we will use Fish in termux and we will change the look of your shell and it will help you to use termux faster than normal user. whenever possible You will also see a possible command.

Step 1 :- To install Auto-Correct in termux we will use the fish, and to install the fish we will use the pkg command, Just type the command below and the fish will be added to your termux.

pkg install fish -y

Step 2 :-  Now, whenever you want to auto-correct you have to type the fish in your termux.


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