Wifi Hacking Apps for Android Smartphones, anyone can hack the Wifi network around them. WiFi is an excellent source of fast internet and offers better reliability than mobile network.

Hacking WiFi networks is an important part of learning the tricks of ethics testing and login testing.

The Internet is now a basic need for our daily lives. With the increasing use of Smartphones, many things are now online. Whenever we have to do something, we just use our smartphone or desktop.

This is the reason why we find ourselves surrounded by many Wi-Fi networks everywhere. Therefore, any form of access will be very useful.

Wifi hacking becomes easier due to wifi hacking applications. Compared to wired networks, WiFi networks pose an additional security challenge as their signals are accessible to the public.

Various security features such as WPA2 can encrypt traffic, but there are powerful ways to compromise your security.

    Top 15 Best WiFi Hacking Apps for Android 

    1. Aircrack-ng

    Aircrack-ng is one of the most popular WiFi apps. This wifi hacking app helps you crack hifi passwords. The WiFi Hacking app includes packet sniffer, wireless network detector, WEP, and WPA / WPA2-PSK cracker and has an analysis tool for wireless LANs.

    This wifi hacking app uses the best algorithms to find wireless passwords by downloading packets. Once the wifi hack password packs have been collected, it tries to recover the password. To make the attack faster, it uses standard FMS attacks with specific modifications.

    The most popular wifi hackers tool is Aircrack-ng such a wifi hacking app, sent to Android by many Android developers and security lovers.

    Launching the Aircrack-ng WiFi Hacking App on Android is not a big problem, but the hard part has a WiFi chipset that supports monitoring mode.

    2. Kali Linux Nethunter

    Kali Linux is one of the most popular Linux Distro for hacking ethics purposes. The Kali NetHunter WiFi Hacking app is an open source test tool for open source Android ROM.

    By using the Nethunter wifi hacker app, you need to launch the Kali WiFi tool to continue the process. Nethunter's simple setup process will help you to overcome the problem with configuration files.

    The NetHunter wifi hacker app supports Wireless 802.11 stand-alone injection, one-click MANA Evil Access Point setup, HID keyboard (Teensy like attack), and USB MITM attacks - and built on solid distribution shoulders of Kali Linux and tool tools.

    Developers who follow this wifi hacker ROM app make it work on older Google Nexus smartphones, as well as older OnePlus phones and other older Samsung Galaxy phones.

    However, some active users have found an illegal way to install Kali NetHunter wifi hacking app on many Android devices.

    3. WPS Connect

    WPS Connect is a popular wifi hacker app for Android smartphones that you can install this wifi hacking app and start playing with the surrounding WiFi networks. Routers enabled WPS protocol can be accessed through this wifi hacker app.

    Additionally, you can focus on your router and check if you are at risk of malicious attacks or not. This WiFi Hacking app helps you to enter a WiFi password without root and secure your WiFi network.

    The WPS Connect WiFi Hacking App actually identifies those networks that are at risk of using other default PIN combos. Once you have identified a vulnerable (accessible) network, you can quickly retrieve the password and start using the Internet without any problems.

    WiFi Hacking app uses techniques like easyboxPIN and Zhao. Or, this wifi hacker app is not compatible with various Android phones as tested on Android devices like Galaxy series, Nexus, and more.

    4. WiFi WPS WPA Tester

    WPA WPS Tester Android wifi hacker app is one of the most popular wifi hacker App, built for the purpose of scanning WiFi networks with risk.

    WiFi Hacking app developed by Saniorgl SRL and available in the Google Play Store. With the help of this app, you can hack network wifi password secure. This WiFi Hacking app checks the connection of login points via WPS PIN, calculated using various algorithms such as Zhao, Blink, Asus, Arris, etc.

    This wifi hacker app requires Android 4.0 and above to run. If you are using Lollipop or the above version on your Android phone; you don't even need to uninstall your device to use this wifi hacker app to hack WiFi network.

    5. Reaver WiFi Hacking Apps

    Android Reaver, also known as Short RfA, is an easy-to-use WiFi hacker app for Reaver-GUI for Android smartphones.

    Sent with the help of activation mode that can be activated and deactivated at any time, the Reaver WiFi Hacking app detects WPS enabled wireless routes on its own. With its GUI, all Reaver settings are available.

    This wifi hacker app starts attacking aggressively on WPS subscriber PINs and retrieves WPA / WPA2 login names.

    Tested on various devices, Reaver is able to get clear AP text for target WPA / WPA2 access in 2-5 hours. Lastly, Reaver for Android also supports external scripts.

    6. ZAnti WiFi Hacking Apps

    ZANTI is a login testing tool developed by Zimperium Mobile Security for cyber security personnel the popular WiFi Hacking Apps program that allows security managers to analyze the risk levels on the network.

    This WiFi hacking app is an easy-to-use mobile login tool that can be used for WiFi network testing and login.

    ZAnti is a Wifi hacker app for Android, a full-featured spy and hacking tool that helps you determine the amount of vulnerability on your Wifi network.

    The ZAnti WiFi Hacking app lets you see entry points with a known green key configuration to start hacking into, and you can use the ZAnti to block the target access to any website or server you want.

    7. WiFi Kill

    One of the most common WiFi hacking apps for ethical hackers. As its name implies, it kills Wifi by disabling the device's Internet connection. Wifi Kill has a simple and easy-to-use interface to allow you to remove those who enter your network.

    Additionally, this wifi hacking app shows you the traffic that the device uses to monitor network usage and saves you a lot of data by capturing traffic for websites visited by others.

    Wifi Kill requires root access and works on almost all Android devices.

    8. Nmap WiFi Hacking Apps

    Android Nmap is a great WiFi hacking app and looks for available hosts, services, packages, logs, etc.

    Android Nmap is useful for both rooted and non-rooted Android devices. However, root users do not use advanced features such as SYN and OS scanning.

    The developers of this WiFi hacking app have shared Nmap versions that are integrated with OpenSSL. The Nmap WiFi Hacking app is also available on other platforms like Windows, Linux, etc.

    9. WIBR +

    WIBR + WiFi hacking app designed to test the integrity and security of Wi-Fi networks.

    This WiFi Hacking app uses violent methods and dictionary-based methods to help you answer questions such as “How to hack WIFI networks”. You can also use custom dictionary methods to attack and retrieve WIFI passwords.

    Depending on your value and network type, you can choose from a variety of options, such as numbers, lowercase letters, uppercase and special characters - to perform different dictionary-based attacks.

    Depending on the strength of your password, WIBR + takes a while to reveal the password, so this is a downside to this app.

    10. Wi-Fi Inspect

    Wi-Fi Testing is a versatile tool designed for Computer Security professionals, Ethical Hackers and other advanced users who wish to control and monitor the networks they have or have permission to control.

    So, basically, this WiFi hacking app is a tool to test Wi-Fi security and not wifi Hacking Apps directly.

    The WiFi Hacking app can search for how many people are connected to the network and you can monitor their IP and how they use it on devices. You can also block their network usage directly from this WiFi hacking app.

    WiFi Hacking app can detect any device connected to your network whether it is TV, laptop, Mobile, PS, XBOX, etc. You also know the address of the MAC and the maker of connected devices.

    11. Penetrate Pro

    Penetrate Pro is a great WiFi hacking app and a helpful app to get secure WiFi network access from Android smartphones and tablets.

    WiFi Hacking app calculates WEP / WPA keys for other WiFi routers and allows you to access using a password. Turn on WiFi with the Android sign-in app.

    The Pro Penetrate Pro hacking app is used to calculate WPA / WEP keys on other routers which means it is used for WiFi recording.

    Some antivirus can mark an application as virus because it uses certain security permissions.

    12. Fing Network Tools

    Fing Network tools help you find all devices connected to your Wi-Fi network in just a few seconds. This WiFi Hacking app is very easy to use, fast and accurate.

    Fing WiFi Hacking apps use the Network Analysis App and are used by Security Analysts and all types of hackers at all levels.

    A simple, fluid, and intuitive interface helps you check your WIFI security levels and find attackers or attackers and ultimately block them or resolve your network problems.

    13. Router Keygen

    Router Keygen is a wifi hacker app where you can understand Thomson passwords and WiFi keys so you can use the internet wherever you are.

    The wifi hacking app is compatible with various router models, such as Pirelli Discus, Eircom, Verizon FiOS, or Alice AGPF.

    The wifi hacker app simply scans all the networks around you and checks to see if it can generate network buttons. once you have found the generated keys, one or more, you can check them out and luckily connect to the network.

    14.WiFi Warden

    WiFi Warden is one of the most reliable Wifi Hacker App and helps to access another wifi network easily.

    By analyzing Wi-Fi networks, you will be able to see all the information that can be found on nearby Wi-Fi networks, including SSID, BSSID, channel number, channel bandwidth, router maker, encryption, security, distance.

    In this WiFi Hacking app you can also find a very dense channel to enhance the signal quality of your wireless route. To connect this WiFi Hacker app using WPS, if you are using Android 5 to 8, you do not need to root your device.

    But your phone should be rooted in Android 9, Android 4.4 and earlier versions. Due to the new limit of Android 9, your device must be rooted to connect using WPS. Please note that the root method does not work on other devices.

    15.Wi-Fi Password

    Wi-Fi password is a technical tool for providing Wi-fi keys (WPA-PSK / WPA2-PSK keys) and you can also perform many tests such as password protection, a combination of random attacks to avoid hackers or attackers on the device, etc.

    With this wifi hacking app you will get the encryption needed to connect to a wireless network. Wifi Password will show you the passwords you've used in the past, so you can refresh your memory as in WiFi Map.

    This wifi hacker app can search for free WiFi hotspots around you, with one click connect to a WiFi hotspot, without knowing the wifi password.

    Wi-Fi connection will be safer and faster. "WiFi password" helps you inquire about the Wi-Fi password stored on our server and the wifi password shared by other users.