Install Ngrok On Android And Linux - Are you trying to hack your social or system accounts or learn fraud with your Linux or Android? If your answer is Yes, then you must have seen somewhere using Ngorok. Without the inclusion of ngrok your errors are dealt with, then you will not be able to hack any social accounts or system. So today we are going to share tips for installing ngrok on your Android and linux system without finding a bug. So read the article carefully and follow the steps.

What is Nggrok?

First you need to know what ngrok is and why it is used for hacking. According to me, ngrok acts as a web server that creates a connection between you and your Victim. Once your victim has successfully connected with ngrok they will send you all the information about your victim and you can make access to their devices.

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What is Termux?

Termux is a natural translator of linux. Termux provides all linux support for Android. You can do anything on termux like linux program. You need to install all linux packages in termux application. If you do not have a computer program to use you can use the Termux program on android.

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How To Install Ngrok On Android Termux (No Root)

Step 1 :-  First you need to download the Termux app on android in the play store. After installation you need to open and type the pkg update and hit Enter. Then type the command pkg upgrade -y to upgrade the termux.

pkg update -y && pkg upgrade -y

Step 2 :-  After updating and upgrading the termux then you need to install other packages like, Python, Ruby, PHP, Openssh etc.

pkg install python && pkg install ruby && pkg install php && pkg install openssh

Step 3 :- . Now go to and create an account where you will see the downlaod file of ngrok. Download ngrok linux arm file on android.

Step 4 :-  After downloading ngrok, go to file manager and extract or open the zip file. Here you will find the file. Now move it to internal storage. Now Open Termux and type the termux-setup-storage command and enter login to request storage permission just allow permission.


Step 5 :-  Now type cd cd storage and find the file and move it to termux, you need to type the command mv $HOME and hit enter. It will move to Termux, you can type ls cmd to view.

cd /sdcard/Download

mv $HOME

Step 6 :-  Now you need to set the author token in ngrock to set up on Android. just go to the ngrock account and here you will see the auth token just copy it and paste it into the termux and hit log in it will successfully configure.

chmod +x ngrok
./ngrok authtokrn 3nejgn********** [use your token]

Step 7 :-  After that type of command in active ngrok, type the command chmod + x ngrok and hit enter, you will give permission to ngrok and download to Android. Retype the command ./ngrok http 8080 and hit enter will start without error.

./ngrok http 8080

Make sure your mobile Hotspot should be enabled on your android. After that you can easily launch any text on Android with the help of termux.

How Can You Install Ngrok On Linux?

Step 1 :-  First you need to sign in to your ngrok account and then download ngrok for your linux program. After downloading ngrok just open the ngrok file.

Step 2 :-  You can now move it to any guide if you want. Now give permission to use by typing the command chmod + x ngrok. After that you need to set the author token in ngrok, just take an account ngrok and copy the author token and paste it at the end.

Step 3 :-  Now it will be fixed successfully. Now type cmd ./ngrok http 8080 and hit enter. It will work without error. You can now launch any scripts that will work well and the script will get ngrok links to create a connection with your victim.