Install Kali NetHunter on any stock, not rooted Android device without warranty

What is NetHunter :

The Kali NetHunter project is the main open source Android testing stage for Android gadgets, made as a joint exertion between an individual from the Kali people group, "BinkyBear", and Kali Linux.

💻 Requirements: -

1. The Termux App

2. Vnc Viewer App

3. 1.40 GB Internet


Have you heard of termux? 🤔

The ultimate Android emulator (emulator is hardware or software that makes a single computer program called Host behave like another computer program called guest). Unlike many other apps, we don't need to root our device for this to work.

The basic base of the Linux System is installed automatically, and we can install other packages on top of it with pkg properly. In short it empowers us to use our Android Device as a Pocket Linux computer with Terminal.

✳️ Installing Kali NetHunter In Termux :- 
Steps for Installation:

1. Check your path on Termux by typing This Command 👇

2. Install wget Packages for termux type This Command 👇
pkg install wget

3. Install Kali NetHunter Package for wget run This Command 👇
wget -O install-nethunter-termux

4. We need to Grant Permission to run the script in order to operate Without Permission Type 👇
chmod +x install-nethunter-termux

5. Run Kali Installing Script

⭕️ Wait 10 Minutes Download Full Packages 1.3GB  ⭕️

Wait For Download and Exterct Full Files and Folder 

♻️ don't stop download any error to not open ♻️

 download complete use next step 

6. Set NetHunter and  vnc Server Password 
nethunter kex passwd

 ✳️ To Start NetHunter : 

⬛️ Run Vnc Server to use This Command (Desktop user sessions)👇

Start VncServer Sessions 
nethunter kex &

Stop Vncserver Sessions 
nethunter kex stop

⬛️ Run NetHunter Termux Command Line Interface 

⬛️ Run NetHunter Root User Command Line Interface 
nethunter -r

⬛️ Set NetHunter Root Password 
nethunter -r kex passwd

⬛️ Run NetHunter Vnc Server Root User (Desktop user sessions)👇

Start VncServer Sessions 
nethunter -r kex &

Stop Vncserver Sessions 
nethunter -r kex stop

⬛️ Run NetHunter  Shortcut key

open termux run this command

Launch  sudo apt update && sudo apt-full upgrade -y  the first step after installing Kali update. If you have more storage space available you may want to use  sudo apt install -y kali-linux-default  again.