What is TermImage in Termux?

Termimage is a straightforward bundle in termux that permits you to print any picture record inside the termux terminal in text craftsmanship design. This order is useful on the off chance that you wanna print any picture in the terminal. likewise now and again when we are utilizing termux and we are working with various documents simultaneously and in the event that we wanna look rapidly inside a picture record to check whether it's the correct one or not then this bundle can help us there.The Important thing to remember here that this won't show you clear pictures If the picture record size is huge. so this will work preferable with logos over the picture that you have caught with your telephone camera. In the event that you wanna add your youtube direct or any logo in termux when you open any meeting then termimage can help, likewise assuming you are making instruments for termux, you can likewise utilize this device to print something extravagant in the terminal.

Install TermImage package in Termux:

To utilize the Termimage instrument in termux you need to initially introduce a little bundle, and for that, you can utilize a solitary line order that I have given you underneath. This is only a one-time measure so once you introduce this bundle you can utilize this order till you uninstall termux or clear the information of the termux application.

pkg install termimage

Use TermImage package in Termux:

To show any picture in termux terminal you simply need to type the underneath order and the picture will be shown on your termux terminal. Ensure you change the green piece of the order with the name or way of the picture.

Enter You Image Part <IMAGE>
termimage <IMAGE>

termimage --help

termimage [FLAGS] [OPTIONS] <IMAGE>
-f, --force :- Don\'t preserve the image\'s aspect ratio -h, --help :- Prints help information -V, --version :- Prints version information
-a, --ansi <ANSI> Force output ANSI escapes [possible values: truecolor, simple-black
, simple-white] -s, --size <size> Output image resolution [default: 96x53]
<IMAGE> Image file to display

How To Use Command :-
termimage logo.png -s 120x180
termimage logo.png -a simple-black
termimage /sdcard/Download/logo.png -a truecolor

How To Use :
termimage /sdcard/Download/logo.png

termimage logo.jpg

Sereenshot :-

Install Terminal :

sudo apt-get install termimage