So today I was working with Themhemx and I was trying to introduce a New Tool But I found out that my Storage is full. Also, when I looked at the theme storage of Thehemx, it was 8GB. Presently to Clean this stockpiling I can Clear the information of my Termux application But There are some Important devices that I don't wanna Delete and practically every one of you face similar issues. So in This post, I am going to show you How you can Identify which Files are taking More space in Your Termux and you can erase them individually, Without really erasing the Termux application.

Clean Your Termux Storage :

While using Termux we introduce tone app and after some time we may not use those Tools but there is no uninstall button on any device and we do not realize which devices take up the most space and which device should be erased to clear Storage in our Termux system. To resolve all of these energy issues we will use orders that will help us identify all food records stored in Termux. This is not the way I found it on Reddit and you can check out this Reddit here..

In this case, we will use the du command (Disk use) which will give us data on memory usage with Termux. This command comes in advance in Termux so we can apply it directly to any setup.

Below are the steps to Solve your Termux Storage Issues.


1. Move to the Files Folder in Termux :

If you will be able to apply your order to your Termux Home Directory You will not see any useful data it will simply show you Disk Usage in bulk of the documents in the Home Directory, Disk Checking for each File Files in the Termux program we will go back to Files Directory in Termux and There There where Run du order may be available, It will give you Disk using information Almost anything in Termux. Just use the order below to change your catalog of record envelope.

cd /data/data/com.termux/files

2. Find Top 10 largest Files In Termux :

You can now customize the order and see all the information about document storage but by using the order below you can find the Top 10 Last Feature Files in Termux. You can also change the number from 10 to 5 or 20 to check the top 5 or 20 documents.

du -ha | sort -k1hr | head -n 10

Now after installing this command you will see a list of files that use most of your storage. now you have to find out what doesn't work for you. Just copy the path of your unusable file as shown in the image below.

Termux Storage : Clean Your Termux Storage

3. Delete Useless Files In Termux :

You are currently identifying which record is most helpful to you and using the sub-order you can delete that document. If you are trying to delete them, do not do so on the grounds that you can usually install those resources. Before deleting anything Please copy the private information such as information obtained from Victim to Your Internal Storage.
rm -rf ~/the-path-of-the-file-you-wanna-delete

Ex: rm -rf ~/./user/share/apache2/default-site/htdocs

Now if you don't get any errors then that means the File is deleted Successfully.

Why is the internal memory of your Android phone is full? 

The phones are as one-in closet in your bed. The debris is collected. If you clean your agency to such an extent that you will need to spend more time to find what you need. And what, what will it take to get rid of the leisure suit, which is confusing to the closet (in fact, what were you thinking?!) or for a costume that is a very, very small, and in two different sizes (I have to admit, you're never going to fit in the back), and sometimes it's better to get rid of an app, you don't need any more. 

When you view the website or use an app, temporary data, created, and unwanted files are often left behind on the device. The storage area is to be filled in at the end. After that, your cell phone will run out of space, in this collection the causes of the declines, and other uncomfortable issues, such as software crashes.

Free disk space easily.

It's easy to get started, remove the extraction of a little-used applications, and back up your photos and videos. For those who are running on Android 8.0 Oreo, like this one, simple action, go to Settings > Storage, and then click on the "free Space"." If your phone is running on Android 7.0 Nougat (or a previous version, it is something that should not be, as you will always have the need to install software, to update, you will need to have in order to treat each and every one of them individually. 

Your photos and videos are stored in your Google Drive, and remove them interfere with the ability to view them on your phone, if you have an internet connection. Go ahead and check it out, and remove them, the last time I brought was strong enough that it's 5 GB of free hard disk space-on-the-spot. On Android 7, open the Photos app (not for Samsung, gallery, if you have a Samsung mobile phone), select Menu > settings > Location. 

The uploaded files will be grouped together, perhaps, the files via e-mail, or PDF files open while you browse the web. Here you have a list of downloads for their size, and then take it away, you don't need to. You're going to scrape it out of a hundred MEGABYTES of files, but go ahead and take it away with them, however, every byte counts. On Android 7, and move to Download the app if you would like to sort the files according to size, and then press and hold to activate or delete a file. 

Use as a software, it is easy to set up on your Android phone, regardless of whether you have had a few of the outdated apps on your old phone, and download apps for your tablet or a web browser, which from a distance seems to be on the phone as well. Fortunately, here in the "free space" in the section, we will show you what apps to use for a minimum of 90 days and, perhaps, it means that you don't want to have them, so please read the list then click delete. On Android 7, go to Settings > Applications > > > > > app manager and you will see the app list. If you're not familiar with any of them, click on the button and choose the "Delete" button. 

Note: alternatively, You can regularly check the "free Space" in order to see if there are photos or upload, post, allowing you to quickly and easily troubleshoot any effect.